Why is my Firestore query slow? #AskFirebase

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Published on Feb 15, 2020 at 01:02 am

Welcome to another episode of #AskFirebase! Today, both of our co-hosts David East and Sumit Chandel team up to answer all your burning Firebase questions! Watch to find out the answers like…

0:47 - I have a SQL server. I want to develop a Flutter app with the Firestore. Is there a way to implement interacting with this data from the by Firestore? #AskFirebase

2:27 - Can I use multiple Cloud Firestore databases in a single app? #AskFirebase

4:02 - Why is my Firestore query slow? #AskFirebase

7:26 - Why is the data from a Firestore document snapshot returned with a .data() function rather than a .data property, since the complete document data was already fetched with the snapshot? #AskFirebase

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