Seminar for the Academy Programme Personalised Health - From Genes to Society (pHealth)

Academy of Finland
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Published on Nov 07, 2019 at 04:11 pm

Personalised health is not a distant utopia: it’s already here. Why is personalised health an essential area of research and innovation? What are the newest research results in the field? And how should this cutting-edge research be put into use?

You are warmly invited to the seminar of the Academy Programme pHealth, where we present current programme results and discuss the impact high level research has on healthcare and wellbeing.

As populations age, societies need to find more effective solutions for providing functional healthcare for everyone. Personalised treatment methods have already been in use in various fields of medicine with good results, the best-known example being the treatment of cancer. The seminar sheds light on how brand new research and already functional practises can be used in forging future strategies in the field of personalised health. The research results bring new knowledge to the treatment of for example celiac disease, diabetes and dyslexia.

Personalised health is a cross sectional theme in many research projects funded by the Academy of Finland also outside the thematic Academy Programme Personalised Health - From Genes to Society (pHealth). The seminar also serves as the annual seminar for the two Academy Programmes Health from Science (TERVA) and Health from Cohorts and Biobanks (COHORT).

The seminar is open for all interested participants from research, business, administration and NGOs.

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