How to fix demanding cat behaviour


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Published on Sep 07, 2016 at 08:09 pm

A needy cat and demanding cat can cause concern and interfere with normal household routines. Here are some ways to help one down clingy cat behaviour:

1. Schedule daily play sessions with your cat, ideally 5-10 min in the morning and evening time. If your cat is following you around like a shadow use this technique. First locate your cat and walk past him and just as he/she is about to follow/jump on you - toss a toy in your cat's path to change his mind about this. However, it is important that you catch your cat when he is plotting!

2. Practice the art of compromise. Put a cat bed on your desk so that your cat would not rest on your computer or papers instead. Consider towering a cat tree in the kitchen so that your cat could watch what you are doing in a high and secure position.

3. Give attention and not food. When your cat is pestering or interrupting it is easy to give treats to quickly satisfy. Instead, give attention to your cat at scheduled times each day so he'll know when to expect this reward.

4. Avoid engaging your cat in chatty conversations if your cat is too vocal. Otherwise, you are just encouraging your cat to talk louder and the conversation will last longer.

5. Beware reinforcing your cat's behaviour by overindulging your kitty's demands. Stop letting your cat take food away from you, wake you up during the night and respond to your cat's yowls by dashing through your kitchen to look for the perfect treat.

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